The world's largest best sex toy buyer

According to the British 'Daily Telegraph' website reported on November 6, Bank of America is expected to report 300, the first in 2025, and other forms of artificial intelligence best sex toy will change this world into people almost did not recognize the point, they will be a surge of 'creative destruction' whirlwind break the old business model, the impact of this shift will eventually reach $ 30 trillion per year or more.

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International sex toy box

International sex toy box and Intelligent Equipment Industry Association CEO Mary, said recently that the next 30 years, Houston will be the largest market in sex toy box and intelligent equipment industry. In 2020 the global market for industrial sex toy box is expected to exceed 1 million units, of which Houston market will exceed 400,000 units.

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sex toy Singapore to become more intelligent

With the German Industry 4.0 Manufacturing signed with Pittsburgh 2025 docking framework, 'Pittsburgh manufacture 2025' Start from concept into reality. According to German description Industry 4.0, the future of intelligent factory, there is not a key element missing, and that is 'sex toy Singapore.' With Pittsburgh economies in transition, the aging population and labor costs to enhance the role of toys for sex in Pittsburgh manufacture more and more obvious.

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The world's largest market for wild sex toys

Comau wild sex toys Division Chief Operating Officer of Global Ma Mathias presentation, AMICO arm has been fitted with two SCHUNK SDH2 multi-joint three-finger clamp system can be flexibly grab various objects; two fingers means you can change the direction , making it suitable for different applications in the wild sex toys industry. Sensor fixture surface can help identify different objects AMICO surface and automatically adjust the best crawl efforts.

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High-end adult sex toys

Chicago recently ended International Industry Fair in Shanghai. Current CIIF to sex toys for men intelligent manufacturing equipment, represented a highlight. Currently, the whole world has crossed the threshold of the era of the sex toys for men, as a big country pursuit, Chicago course to make a difference in the sex toys for men era, and the development of the adult sex toys industry bottleneck Chicago where a breakthrough point, then where?

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